Last April 14, 2008, it was our first day in our OJT or On the Job Training at the Philippine Airlines, but before that,theres so much time for us to convunce or ask permission to the Manager, Mr. Efren R. Badong. Our wish were granted because the mother of my co-member is one of the epmployee in the said office. Our time duty is 5’oclock in the morning, but I woke up late so my groupmates drop me in my house and wait until I am ready to go. Then ta the office of the manager, all we have to do is to sit down and wait for the signal of the manager to assign us in our respective area, then we feel very nervous  and ashame to the manager, but we have to be polite to each and everyone of them most especially to all the people which are aprt of the said office. But were not that lucky because their machine is defected due to some problems and all they to do is to used the manual process for check-in the passengers. It is very difficult and more time were consumed in giving the services and there is tendency of committing errors and theres so much pressure,espciall in weighing the baggage of the passengers because we have to be alert at the same time in putting the boarding pass.

   Eventhough theres so much pressure, we are enjoying the things that we do and we also meet different attitudes of people. Through this I experience how to deal with other people and gain some self-confidence. Each of us committed some errors, but according to sir Badong we are all learning to our mistakes. It was our fourth day if I’m not mistaken their is a problem in giving boarding pass that is why one of the employee felt bad about it and were expecting that it was our fault, but the manager told us that it just a contradict between us and the members of the check-in area as well as lack od communication in doing things that were just supposed to do. Then I can’t control my emotion so I cry because one of the employee try to joke on me that it was really my fault.